What is Roam?

Roam is a web based app for writing and connecting thoughts and ideas.

Beginner’s guide

[[coming soon!]]

A short guide to your first steps using Roam.

Queries in Roam

[[work in progress!]]

How to perform basic and more advanced queries in Roam.

Roam {{functions}}

A guide to all of the {{functions}} available in Roam. Functions are the powerhouse of Roam.

Roam /helpers

A guide to the helpers available when you hit the slash key. Helpers help you with formatting and adding functions.

Roam attributes::

[[coming soon!]]

A guide to using attributes:: in Roam. Attributes are a way of tagging pages and blocks.

Keyboard shortcuts

A complete list of Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts in Roam – both documented and experimental ones!

Customise Roam

[[coming soon!]]

An in-depth guide on how to customise Roam yourself, by using other people’s themes or building your own css and javascript.

Tools for Roam

Some helpful tools for people who use Roam.


How to get more involved with the Roam community.

Roam alternatives

[[coming soon!]]

Roam not quite for you? Here’s a list of similar products.

Submit a tip!

Roam changes all the time, and it’s possible Roamhacks is missing something. Tell us, and help the community!